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Articles about Easter Monday

The following is a Raleigh News and Observer article from 1922 about the Easter Monday Ball game.

Annual Easter Classic Began Back in Nineties

Affair Is Surrounded With All the Traditions of a Football Game With Results Fairly Evenly Divided;
Statistics on Past Games and Present Teams

The annual Easter Monday baseball game between State College and Wake Forest, one of the oldest diamond classics in the South, will be played at Riddick Field this afternoon, the encounter marking the twentieth-odd holiday meeting of these friendly foes.

Rich in college tradition, played amid a typical college setting, with the rival student bodies, the sweet young things from the girls' colleges of the city, and friends of each institution from all over North Carolina taxing the capacity of Riddick Field to the overflow point. This game, perhaps, during the long series, has furnished more thrills, more good and bad baseball, more sheer individual brilliance of performance, more wild, hilarious joy, and more heartaches than any other staged annually on North Carolina soil.

And the game itself is Raleigh's own. No matter which team wins, Wake County cannot lose. Fayetteville Street and the thoroughfares leading to those institutions of learning that have been dedicated to the greater sex, will resound tonight with the college youngster's clarion call of victory, but whether the Red and white of the Techmen or the Old Gold and Black of the Baptists will float triumphant over the dancing, cheering hosts, time (just a few short hours of it) alone can tell.

Game Over Twenty Years Old
The game has been an annual event for the two colleges since back in the 90's and during that period victories have been divided on practically even basis, although each college has had had its ups and down.

The series began with Wake Forest on top, but early in the twentieth century State began to win consistently and the streak was not broken until Wake Forest's championship team of 1913, which won the game and the series.

Honors reverted to State for the next three years, but beginning with the 1917 season Wake Forest won two in a row, the game in 1918 requiring fourteen innings for a 3 to 1 decision.

In 1920 Wake Forest won by the overwhelming score of 27 to 6, while last year the classic was rained out.

So much for the history of the affair. The teams this year, both on individual and team accomplishments, appear on an even basis, Batting averages show both clubs hitting about .300 as units. State have a mark of .319 with the average for Wake Forest .310.

State has four regulars hitting over .300 and Wake Forest six, with all of State's pitchers in the "select" class, "Shell" Johnson, catcher and rightfielder for State is the only member of either club hitting better than .400.

The heavy hitters for State are Johnson, .441; Redfearn, .370; Norwood, .344; and Blue .321. For Wake Forest, they are: Stringfield, .386; Armstrong, .381; Edwards, .368; Barnes, .342; Ellis, and Albritton, .300.

Barring something unforseen, Stanley Johnson will be on the mound for the Baptists while the word from the Tech camp is that it is a toss up between Jim Allen and Harry Curtis.

This is an article from the Raleigh News and Observers celebrating the Easter Monday Classic between State and Wake Forest, 04/17/1922